What Is It?


Grip Pro Trainer is an extremely effective finger-hand-forearm strength and endurance trainer. It comes in 3 different levels of difficulty:


Green-30lb max resistance (easier)-for lighter weight people and warming up.


Black-40lb max resistance (medium) for average weight men and stronger women.


Red 50lb max resistance (difficult) for big guys or lower-rep strength training.



How do you Use It?       see instructional video


Grip Pro Trainer is very portable and easy to use, almost anywhere/anytime - at your desk, stuck in traffic, walking, on the treadmill, etc. Try 3 sets of 10-60 reps a couple times a week for best results over time. Its also great for stress relief.


Increase reps as necessary.


Why It's the Best:


When compared to other portable hand/forearm exercisers Grip Pro Trainer has a great feeling in the hand and is superior to: Grip type balls-extremely boring and mostly therapeutic; metal spring devices with handles-awkward, uncomfortable and due to the fulcrum of the spring give an uneven exercise; hand held gyros-difficult to use.

Who Needs It?


Few people appreciate how important grip strength is. It affects your abilities in many hobbies and pastimes and your performance in most sports such as: golf, tennis, rock climbing, basketball, baseball, water skiing, jet skis, mountain bikes, extreme sports, softball, Harleys, snowmobiles, and MORE!