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Paul J. Roarke, Jr.


In my book I stress the importance of a strong grip. Not just pure gripping power, but in endurance. The ability to just hold on, in that case a strong grip could save your life. Ask any fireman, or a construction worker that has to work high off the group. Shit happens.


Conditioning your grip takes a different type of workout. The muscles in your hand and forearm are tough from all the daily use that they receive. You need many more repetitions to build strength and endurance. I cite many good exercises to use in my book. However in addition to those, I think you should always use a gripper. Over the course of my life I have tried dozens of different grippers.


The regular spring type, the little bags full of rice, different size rubber balls, etc. They all had their good and bad points. But in my opinion by far the best gripper out there is the rubber doughnut shaped gripper made by Grip Pro Trainer.  The one big advantage that the Grip Pro Trainer has over the others is that not only can you squeeze it the regular way in about any conceivable manner, to include single pairs of fingers or any group of fingers, to include your fingertips. But you can also stick your fingers into the center hole and develop the outward pushing strength of your hands. This is important for rock climbers who need this “reverse” grip strength as they jam their fingers into holes for climbing. I don’t rock climb but I want strong hand and finger grip from any angle. Also it may seem silly but I also like the fact that if you drop it, it doesn’t roll away like if you are squeezing a Racquetball.


I have been hooked on them ever since the first squeeze.

I have one in my truck, one at work and one for when I travel. I don’t think you can wear it out. I still have one that went to Iraq, and back with me. Its great piece of gear, and it’s available in different strengths. (The red one is the hardest) Plus it does cost squat, I highly recommend it.

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