What They're Saying:

This inexpensive tool has helped me in many ways, work, play, at home. thank you for this awesome tool!! As an avid discgolfer I do believe It would benefit other golfers, it should be marketed to us better. It truly helps!!!!!!!!.



I love my set of rings. Bought the 3 pack and I use them all day at my desk. When I got them I could baily [barely] get a single rep out of the red ring now I do sets of 20 working my way up and down with all 3 rings each hand. I have stopped having any of the mild carpel tunnel symptoms I was getting.


Jeffery W. Heckathorn

Programmer/Analyst Expert

University of Missouri-Kansas City

I injured my right hand, the lower joint of my thumb, during some demolition of a floor. For over 6 months I had pain in that area whenever I needed to grab or pinch anything with my thumb and forefingers. A coworker had the GripPro Trainer and I was able to use it with no pain in that joint. I purchased a 50lb and within 3 months of using it near daily at work, I noticed the pain had drastically reduced. I'm not sure how long I've been using it now, but the pain is all but vanished and my grip is stronger than ever.




I just received my set of Grip Pro Trainer Rings and Man are they superior  to my ''Captain of Crush" springs.  They really concentrate on the fingers and I get a better workout because the grip is not ripping up my hands.   For those of you who work on the computer all day...I think this product would be great for preventing carpal tunnel syndrome.  Thanks for GREAT product!!!


David Morrow

CCC Specialist Supervisor

Hill-Rom Company, Inc.

Thanks, I got ‘em. Great product btw, I’ve tried all the rest and the Grip Pro is the BEST.




I actually picked mine up in Boulder CO when I was there this summer. I started with three sets of twenty on the red grip. When I lost mine a month ago, I was up to three sets of 70. Thanks for a great product. It is great for staving off carpel tunnel when I sit at my computer all day.



I wanted to let you know how happy I've been with my red Gripprotrainer. Now 33, I have used hand/forearm trainers since I was a teenager, and I have to say that your product is by far the best I have ever used. I purchased my red about a year and a half ago and have loved it every day since I received it. Thank you for making a great product that is extremely durable and produces unparalleled results.



I've recently purchased the 50lb resistance grip pro and LOVE it. I brought it to the office for use during slow points during the day and almost every coworker has noticed it and cannot resist squeezing it [or trying to anyway]. It's really the most comfortable grip trainer I've ever used.





I purchased a Grip Pro Trainer a few months ago from Iron Pony. I don’t ride bikes – I was just in there with a friend. You’ve got a great product that I believe is better than all the other grip trainers I have tried. I think you should expand your marketing to appeal to other sports as well. I play a lot of sports, and I think the golf and hockey world would be receptive to this kind of product. Also, I used to have trouble with my forearm endurance when I wakeboard, but that’s improved after using the grip pro trainer.


That’s just my 2 cents.



I recently purchased the 30 lb grip pro and I couldn't be more happy with the product. I sustained a gun shot wound to my left hand and forearm many years ago and lost some use and strength in it. I have tried several different grip strengthening devices but none really helped until I tried Grip pro. It is so simple and easy but it really works better than any other device I've tried. I can feel the difference just after 1 week of using the Grip pro. Hopefully I will soon move up to the 40 lb Grip pro.



I love your grip trainers, and have bought 5:  2 green, 2 black and 1 red.       I keep one of the black trainers at home, and it gets the lightest use of all since I use the others in the car and at work. The product is EXCELLENT, and the best grip trainer I have ever used--great for golf grip.



...That's when my father introduced me to your GripPro trainer 50lb ring... I started slow doing about 30 reps (sets of 10) each hand a day. After 4 weeks of using the product everything in my training has improved.... I can do 50 reps straight each hand multiple times a day and have developed bone crushing grip strength which has improved overall control in everything from striking to brazilian ju-jitsu.You make the best grip trainer in the world.


Vinny, Grudge Training Center

I have received my grip pro and I'm ADDICTED. Thought @ 1st the 40 pounds of pressure wouldn't be enough but hands are sore and challenged. I wanted to strengthen my grip for pullups, as a Personal Trainer it's a Great Product.



I'm a correctional officer and I spend a lot of time on my feet and your product allows me to break up the routine, pushing myself to do as many reps as I can throughout my work day. I also love using it in the car. I bought the three pack and quickly blow thur the 30lbs, month later I was thur the 40 and know I do reps of 20-25 per hand all throughout the day with the 50lbs. Forearms like rocks!


By the way I have refered serveral others to your product and they love it as well.




Thank you.  This product is great!  Ive only had it for a few days and already I can feel a difference.


You have an excellent product.  I look forward to future products from your company!



I just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with your service! Shipping was fast and quick! I was impressed that you didn't over charge for shipping like other people do.





The Military applications of the gripprotrainer or motogriptrainer anyone who has to detain prisoners or grappling with enemy insurgents i.e. Military Police, Special Operations folks & the rest of the conventional forces. The ergonomics of the squeeze is just right & feels more natural verse a squeeze ball. The squeeze ball works well if you’re going to us an “Eagle Claw” grip for something but the squeeze balls tend to wear out! Over all just raw grip power & the ability to sustain the hold with out the hand tiring goes to the gripprotrainer.


I know how the Department of Defenses Warriors think, they want the edge when ever they can get it when it comes to hand to hand daily issues.


SSG Jeremy, Combat Fitness NCOIC